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Tarmac is a cost-effective surface to have laid for a driveway. When new and for a few years to come, it usually looks good. That is when the resins which are inside the surface when it's laid are still present.

These resins do dry out with weathering, UV light from sunlight, vehicle traffic and time. It will usually have a light colour by this point and small stones might be breaking away from the surface. This is known as 'fretting.' If it's let go much further, in the final stage of its life, it will start to crack and break up. 

With the use of Tarmaseal™ we can put back those lost resins, improving the appearance of your surface dramatically and extending its life by many years.


A typical restoration involves:

  • Applying Moss Clear as a pre-treatment, if there is a large amount of moss present

  • Gently pressure washing the surface to ensure it's ready for repair and/or restoration

  • Filling any cracks with a Repair Compound and holes with Cold Lay Repair

  • Apply two coats of Tarmaseal™ which is far superior to the Tarmac Paint which is also on the market. Paint will sit on the surface and can peel off.

Please take a look at our Tarmac restoration gallery...


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